I keep the radio in Matilda (That is the name we have given my 95 Suburban.) set on Peace 107.7 from College Station.  It is very inspiring Contemporary Christian.  Every morning, while I’m shuttling the kids to school, we listen to the Birthday giveaway in hopes they win…very seldom to they win the cash, but get the other prizes anyway.

Today while I’m driving home, they start their call-ins for “Thankful Thursday”.  It’s really inspiring to hear the things people are thankful for.  Some of these things, we take for granted, while it means so much to others, they are inspired to call an announce it on the radio.

As most people would do, I start thinking about the things in my life that I am thankful for.  This has inspired me to list them here and I will start doing this every Thursday.  The twist is I would like anyone reading this to do the same.  Just reply to this post with the thing or things (List as much or as little as you like.) you are thankful for and praise God for.  Here is my list….

I am thankful that I love and worship a loving God, the forgiveness of our sins, my family, our health, God’s support for us in times of need, Bethel Lutheran Church, the members of our church, Nathan & Heather Segrest, Pastor & Connie Bard, reliable transportation, God showing me the path out of depression, our family love of baseball that provides us quality family time together, Peace 107.7 and the on-air staff, the support of my loving and amazing wife, teachers that are so devoted to teaching my and all other children, the opportunities God lays before us, God’s protection, the values my parents taught me, God never giving up on me even when I’ve given up on myself, God’s way of solving problems when I trust in Him and the food and shelter God provides to us daily.

This is what I want to say I am thankful for today.  Although I am thankful for my entire life and all the blessing God has given me, I think me need to take the time to break that down and really look at specifics.

I do hope that anyone reading this feels the love God spreads over us.  Please take a moment to let us (I’m assuming it isn’t just me here.) what God has brought to your life that makes you feel thankful.

God bless….

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